Jamilah Means "Beautiful"

Come from arabian language jamilah has it means beautifull in english. That is the name that my parents had given to me. Born in may 7th,it was thursday at the midnight, Maryam Jamilah is the complete name that had given, Maryam has no meaning except it was the name of our Prophet Isa's Mother.

Whats so special with Maryam,. because our Mighty God Allah SWT gave Maryam the Holy Lady with pregnancy without touched by any man,she was a pure virgin Lady that given a baby without a husband and touched from any man. And the Baby was named ISA AlaihisSalam,a magic baby that could speak when he was just born to prove the people who judged Maryam as a "bad" Lady. 

Thats all you might to know,the history of this beautiful name that my parents had given to me. For the next posts, I'll write down and share how was feeling for being a mom.

Maryam Jamilah