Marriage in Young Age

Marriage ... Many people avoid marriage, they think in their mind that the marriage will destroy what they dream. In Indonesia, people who live in big cities prefer to get married in the middle of 25 years, and for those who live in the village they chose to get married at the beginning of 14 years for women.

I prefer to enter a new life in a family at the age of 19 years, not too young nor too old for me. But for those who live in big cities, 19-year-old girl they think is too young to marry. I married when I was studying at semester 2. Maybe I make all my friends were surprised by the news that I would get married, but that's my decision, while my fiance is mature enough, he was 27years old.

Surprisingly, I was pregnant within one month after our marriage, I had my first child in 2007. And unfortunately I had to resign from my college because it was too far from where I live. And 3 years later my second daughter was born. Am I sorry? No, I enjoy being a mother at a young age. Nothing is more valuable when you can watch your kids grow up. See how they learn from nothing to something. And money can not always buy happiness, togetherness with your loved ones more than anything.


Maryam Jamilah